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Ecolens Athena

Leverage supply chain data for
sustainability insights

With our AI hub for environmental and cost data for construction

Our user-friendly climate intelligence platform streamlines sustainability data collection, supplier engagement, and regulatory compliance, paving the way for a greener construction industry.

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Why now?

Tracking environmental data in construction across numerous sites and sub-contractors is complex and time-consuming. This makes it hard to develop effective sustainability strategies. With improvements in renewable energy, there's a growing focus on lowering building’s embodied carbon which requires more detailed supply chain data.

How Ecolens works


Supplier engagement and data collection

Simplifies questionnaire dispatch, tracks responses, facilitates data upload by suppliers, creating a centralised source for all project sites.


Automated carbon emissions

Uses supplier data, AI and environmental databases for automated emission calculation.


Report and act

Complies with Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO standards for emission reporting, identifies hotspots, and utilises AI for cost efficient decarbonisation strategies.

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How do you benefit?

Efficient Data Collection

Streamlines supply chain data gathering into a structured process, allowing more time for sustainability strategies.

Automated Carbon Emission Calculation

Automates emission calculations, compliant with GHG Protocol and ISO standards, ensuring accuracy and resource efficiency.

Enhanced Data Transparency

Fosters accountability and improvement by sharing detailed data across the supply chain on our collaborative platform.

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